We have been friends with an Amish family for 25+ years. Two or three times a year we take pizza ice cream, cake, ice, Cokes, and fruit punch. We set in their kitchen at the table, eat, talk and enjoy a meal together. This gives Mother a day of rest from cooking. We are going […]

Knowing the Amish

We live in Lake City, MI. My husband has been a logger all his life, so we sell lots of logs to the Amish. We sell cedar logs & pecker poles & stumps to an Amish gentleman named Harvey. I love going to see Harvey; all of the furniture he builds is beautiful. He made […]

Children are a blessing

Every time I brush my daughter’s hair I think about the Amish Buggy that I came upon one day on my way home from work. This happens from time to time because I live near an Amish community and I’m always careful to slow down and carefully go around them. This time was different; usually, […]

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

For the past 25 years we have been close friends with an Amish family. One Saturday we were looking for furniture and saw a lady upset. We stop at there farm and her husband Jacob had all most cut his hand off. My husband Ray said he would take him to the hospital, the only […]

Growing up in SE Iowa

I’ve been around the Amish Community my entire life. I was born and raised in Davis County, Iowa. We have a very large Amish community in the area and tons of Amish businesses. There is nothing more exciting, as a kid and maybe even now as an adult, than to see an Amish horse and […]

The Memory Clock

My husband has fond memories of staying with his grandmother. She was a very special lady, and I wish I had met her. It was comforting to him in the middle of the night to peek out the window and see the red neon cross from the church across the street. Another thing that comforted […]

A Dinner With Our Amish Friends

My wife and I, along with our 3 children, had the opportunity to enjoy an evening meal with a wonderful Amish family in Davis County, IA. Their home is nestled on a gravel road about 3 miles west of town and just off a little lake. We pulled up to the garage behind the house […]

A Basket Friendship

Our names are Allan and Jennie and we live in Princeton, West Virginia. We are sharing a story of our meeting a wonderful Amish family on one of our many trips to Ohio Amish country. We enjoy everything about Ohio Amish country and we always look for Amish made baskets. Last spring, on our trip […]

A Bouncing Baby Ball

My six month old son and I were visiting a local boot and shoe repair shop owned by an Amish family; one of my favorite leather boots needed a new heel cap and this store is just a few miles from my home in southern Iowa, making it very convenient! We browsed for a bit […]