For the past 25 years we have been close friends with an Amish family. One Saturday we were looking for furniture and saw a lady upset. We stop at there farm and her husband Jacob had all most cut his hand off. My husband Ray said he would take him to the hospital, the only problem was we were driving a small blue ford ranger only two could ride in.

So I stay and set on the porch for over 5 hours. In the meantime, an Englishman farmer came by – the word was out about Jacob. I ask him if it gets dark and my husband was not back, would he come and sit with me. As I sat there, the children would play and only speak German, I know they were talking about me. They had a basketball, so I found a basket and hung it on a tree and we had game after game of basketball, this was the first time I was any good at sports.

Now things have changed. The Mother would hand me a baby to rock while she took care of another one. Over the years, it is so different from our first meeting. We help them move, we have meals together, sit, laugh. One or two times a year I take lunch to give mother a rest. The children that are still at home like pizza and cake and ice cream, we stop and pick it up and have a picnic if it’s not cold. I love going up at Christmas and taking things they can have.

To get back to the trip to the hospital, my husband could not find the road he left me on, so he stopped and asked and all the farmers knew where to send him. You will never know how happy I was to see that blue truck pull up.

My story could go on and on about our wonderful friendship we have with this family.

Story submitted by: Brenda H.