We have been friends with an Amish family for 25+ years. Two or three times a year we take pizza ice cream, cake, ice, Cokes, and fruit punch. We set in their kitchen at the table, eat, talk and enjoy a meal together. This gives Mother a day of rest from cooking. We are going to take a grill up in the summer and have a cook out of hot dogs – they have never done this before. Would love to go more, but they live in Tn. and we live in Al. (about 3-4 hour drive one way). We leave at 7 so we can stop, order pizza and buy ice, ice cream, and I make the cakes. We are going up next weekend. It’s pumpkin time there. Then will go back at Christmas and take toys the children can have.

It’s great to have friends like this.

Story submitted by: Brenda H.