My husband has fond memories of staying with his grandmother. She was a very special lady, and I wish I had met her. It was comforting to him in the middle of the night to peek out the window and see the red neon cross from the church across the street. Another thing that comforted him was to hear her clock that chimed on the hour and half hour.  

Thinking about those memories, he thought getting a chiming clock would be a nice for him to remember her. He was put in contact with an Amish man who specialized in making clocks. He invited us to his house to see his handiwork. We were privileged to be welcomed into his home. Just inside the door were a sweet little boy and girl playing with a few simple toys. They looked at us with wide-eyed wonder.

Inside, many family members sat conversing together in the living room enjoying each other’s company. They all grew quiet as we entered the room. I am sure they were curious as to our being there. The next room was filled with many beautiful clocks. We commissioned him to make one for us. It was no surprise that he created an exquisite clock for us to remember our loved one who has gone to heaven. 

Story submitted by: Noelle B.