Every time I brush my daughter’s hair I think about the Amish Buggy that I came upon one day on my way home from work. This happens from time to time because I live near an Amish community and I’m always careful to slow down and carefully go around them. This time was different; usually, the Amish Buggies or Wagons have some Amish Men or occasionally an Amish Woman, but this time I saw in the back window little hands. Not just one set, at least four sets of hands stuck their hands out the window and waved them, and I could see at least a few heads. I was sure to wave back through my front window, as at least a few of the older ones were probably close to my daughter’s age of 4 at the time. I don’t have a photo to remember that encounter, but it was and will remain a sweet memory.

This hair and brush set was purchased from a Mennonite business. It was custom made, and you can tell the care that went in to make this.

Story submitted by: Sarah H