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Painted Porcelain
Painted Porcelain

Painted Porcelain


This Painted Porcelain quilt design is an impressive design full of attention to detail and fine prints. The color scheme suits well using bright pink, yellow, browns and purples to make the design really shine. The beautiful artistry is on display in the fine detail and meticulous patterns of each stitch. Amish quilt making is done mainly in the winter months and can take two months to complete. After the fabric is bought, the quilt pieces are cut out pieced together and sewn in place with a manually operated sewing machine. Enjoy this one of a kind quilt that will last for generations. When you purchase one of our quilts you are helping these families keep this tradition alive.

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Size: King

Measurements: 98″ x 110″

Made: Hand

Dimensions 98 × 110 in


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